Wastewater System Controls

Standard and custom control panels are easily specified and ordered by completing the simple panel guide below. Panel pricing can be obtained by starting with a base panel list price found in the design section and adding the list prices of the desired options with panel point upgrades.

Control Series

S Simplex
SEQ Simplex Equalization
D Duplex
SEPR Simplex Equalization
T Triplex
SEPT Simplex Equalization w/ TOD Clock
Q Quadplex
DEPR Duplex Equalization
M Multiplex (five or more)
DEPT Duplex Equalization w/ TOD Clock
MET Multiplex Equalization
MT Multiplex Timer on Demand
CSEPR Combination Repeat Cycle Time
CSEPT Combination Equalization w/ TOD Clock

Alarm Option

(A) Indicator Light & Buzzer on Indoor Units, Red Light & Buzzer on Outdoor Units

Breaker Option

Place “B” for Breaker in designated space followed by the desired phase and voltage code.

1-Single phase
3-Three phase


On 3 phase systems, motor protectors are substituted for breakers and require a “P” instead of a “B.”

When fusible disconnects are required in place of pump breakers replace the “B” with an “F,” followed by the desired phase and voltage.

Enclosure Type

1-NEMA 1
2-NEMA 12

Many other enclosure types are available. Please see “Enclosure NEMA Type Chart” or “Enclosure NEMA Type Definitions” for details or contact our electrical engineering team for design support.

Standard Options

A-Auto Reset Alarm Circuit
B-Bell/Horn (4″ weatherproof)
C-Cycle Counter
D-Delayed Lag Pump Timer
E-Elapsed Time Meter
G-Gell Cell Battery
H-Hinged Inner Door
I-Intrinsically Safe Float Switch Relays
J-Contactor Upgrade
K-External capacitor installation
L-Locking Hasp
M-Main Breaker/Disconnect
N-NEMA Rated Starter
O-Override Switch for Alternator
P(C)-Pump Fail Circuit by Current Sensor
P(F)-Pump Fail Circuit by Flow Switch
Q-Quick Disconnect Operator
R-Redundant Off Float Switch
R(A)-Redundant Off with Alarm
S-Seal Fail Indicator
S(R)-Seal Fail Relay with Indicator
S(A)-Seal Fail Relay with Alarm
T-Thermal Cut-out
T(I)-Thermal Cut-out with Indicator
T(A)-Thermal Cut-out with Alarm
U-Utility Receptacle
U(G)-Utility Receptacle (GFI)
U(W)-Utility Receptacle (Weatherproof)
V-Voltage Monitor
V(P)-Voltage/Phase Monitor
W-Weather Heater
W(1)-Weather Heater W/ Blower (100W)
W(2)-Weather Heater (200W)
XExtra Options
Y-24 Volt Float Switch Circuit
Z-Oiltight Lights & Switches

Many other options and modifications are available. Please see X (Extra) Options or contact our electrical engineering team for design support.

X (Extra) Options

  1. Overload reset buttons (22mm)
  2. Float switch indicator
  3. Plexiglass Enclosure Window
  4. Branch power circuit
  5. Manual transfer switch               
  6. Generator receptacle/Plug
  7. Electrode level control
  8. Aerator fail circuit
  9. 24 Hour clock timer
  10. Pump run timer
  11. 120 Volt solenoid circuit
  12. Ball valve actuator
  13. Sand filter high level
  14. Telephone dialer
  15. Drip shield kit
  16. Floor stand kit
  17. Transformer upgrade
  18. Circuit breaker padlock
  19. Full frame breakers
  20. Power fail circuit
  21. Dry alarm contacts
  22. Latching alarm
  23. Differential float receptacle
  24. Conduit hub (2 inch)
  25. High level alarm float
  26. Separate control/Alarm/Pump supply breakers
  27. Enclosure size upgrade
  28. Remote monitoring (EWON, TRS, etc.)
  29. Temp Monitoring (Alarm)
  30. 30-Day Data logging
  31. 24/7 clock timer
  32. Drip lockout
  33. Human Machine interface (HMI)
  34. Remote Heater
  35. Surge protection 120v
  36. Auxiliary Alarm Circuit
  37. TD200 installed in panel (obsolete)
  38. Time clock override
  39. Auto-Reversing circuit
  40. Transducer
  41. No Override/Peak Enable Float
  42. 120V terminals for Remote Alarm Horn
  43. 24V solenoid circuit

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