The Bull Run Valve™ splits and alternates flows to drainfields or systems, increasing the useable life of the septic system. Because the user has zero contact with wastewater (due to the valve’s leak-proof and external operating characteristics) the Bull Run Valve™ is the safest alternating device available. The change from one field to another can be accomplished in less than a minute by merely turning the valve without digging or contact with wastewater.

The Bull Run Valve™ is available in 4″ sch 40 PVC and is suitable wherever disposal systems are used. It is compatible with all gravity drain field products for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Engineering Specifications

A non-corrosive alternating valve shall be provided with 4″ schedule 40 female connections. The valve plug shall be non-removable, watertight and externally operated. The valve shall be provided with an internal stop mechanism for positioning the plug, and the plug shall be non-jamming when turning from stop. There shall be no metal parts in contact with the wastewater.

The inlet and outlet ports shall be clearly labeled for easy installation and the position of the valve shall be clearly indicated on the top of the valve. At no time shall the operator have contact (physical or visu-al) with the wastewater. The valve shall be installed in such a manner as to be easily accessible from the ground surface and operated with the standard water meter key. The valve shall be the Bull Run Valve™ as manufactured by American Manufacturing Company, Inc. Elkwood, VA.

Operation by Water Meter Key

A riser cap adapter, a water-tight access cap and valve key are provided. The valve should be buried at such a depth as to allow easy access and operation from the ground surface with a standard water meter key.

Pump Systems

Effluent pumps can be used to dose the drainfield. The top of the valve is o-ring sealed and pressure tight under normal effluent pump operating conditions. The maximum pressure recommended shale not exceed 25 psi. The internal plug is tapered to match the valve body seating ribs. This seating mechanism will prevent bypass under minimum head pressure conditions.

Motorized Bull Run Valve™ Specification

The American Manufacturing Bull Run Valve™ may be equipped with a high torque electric valve actuator for simple valve operation. When equipped with an actuator, the Bull Run Valve™ position may be manually selected by the flick of a switch or automatically based on a float switch, repeat cycle timer, or time-based 24-hour, 7-day, or 365-day time. The Bull Run Valve™ control panel is equipped with auxiliary limit switches to report to the operator that the valve opened or closed properly.

Installation & Operation

  • Installation Instructions

    The valve is designed to be buried directly in the pipe trench requiring no concrete or hold down strap. The valve must be installed with the septic tank effluent line connected to the valve port marked "IN". The valve ports marked "OUT" are connected to each half of the drainfield.

  • Adaptable to Various Pipes

    Each valve port connection is a 4" schedule 40 female slip connection. The riser tube connection is a 4" schedule 40 male slip connection. Use ample pvc, abs, or multi-purpose glue to form a water-tight joint.

  • Operating the Valve

    The direction control handle should be rotated periodically to direct effluent to one or the other of two septic fields. After removing the screw cap at the top of the riser tube, the valve handle can be turned with the valve key furnished.

BRV4Bull Run Valve 4"
BRVBULKBull Run Valve & Key Only
BRVKITBull Run Valve Kit Complete *
BRVREPKITBull Run Valve Repair Kit
PVCFIP4Female Adapter 4" T DWV
SDFIP4Female Adapter 4" SXT S&D
BRVKEY28Bull Run Valve Key 28"
BRVKEY36Bull Run Valve Key 36"
BRVKEY48Bull Run Valve Key 48"
BRVKEY60Bull Run Valve Key 60"
BRVMOTOR4Bull Run Valve Motorized

* BRVKIT contains (1) 4" BRV, (1) 28" Valve Key, (1) Riser Cap Adapter & (1) Watertight Access Cap