H-Series Hydro-Pneumatic Controls

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The “H” series pump control panel is equipped with pressure switches and liquid level relays to automatically control the air-water ratio within the hydro-pneumatic tank.

The water level in the hydro tank will normally range between the “Pump Off” high-level electrode and the “Pump On” low-level electrode attached to the hydro tank. If the pressure drops below the “Pump On” water pressure and the “Pump Off” high-level electrode indicates a full water tank, the air compressor will activate to restore the proper air-water ratio in the tank. The compressor will remain on until the “Pump Off” pressure is reached or the “Pump Off electrode is uncovered, at which time the air compressor will stop, and the lead pump will start and fill the tank while continuing to restore the proper air-water ratio.

The control panel is typically equipped with a “Low Suction Pressure” alarm. If the “Low Suction Pressure” set-point is reached, the pressure booster pump(s) will cut out, and an audio/visual alarm will activate. The control may be specified with a high pressure alarm or other safety factor protocols.